As a family photographer and a mother, I’ve witnessed the joy that being pregnant can bring. Below are the 10 most amazing moments that will fill your life with wonder for the months to come, this time of your life will bring you a lot more than just a big belly.

Pregnant belly with ultrasound picture

When I used to imagine myself as a mom, images of birthing a human shhhh’d my mind into not being too vivid with my imagination.

Something about carrying something in my tummy for 40 weeks+ just seemed unbelievable and rather scary.

Now I know that even though my pregnancy was hard, there were those moments that, to this day, still make me yearn to be my pregnant self and that definitely soothe me at the thought of going through the process again.

So fear not! Our pregnant body is beautiful, you will be revered everywhere you go, and you will miss the days when you carried your little one around in your belly.

1) The first positive pregnancy test – finally! Baby on its way, the best day of my life (up to that point)

2) First visit with my awesome midwife – ask away, all your concerns, all your doubts, all your expectations, the midwife (or doctor) will lay out what to expect and it makes it all so much more real!

3) Start planing the nursery – is it going to be a boy? a girl? Window shopping!

4) Starting to show the belly – look everyone! I’m pregnant, sooo pregnant indeed!!!

5) First time hearing the heartbeat – someone is alive in there, sniff sniff 🙂

6) Ultrasound- at 16 weeks we got to SEE our baby moving for the first time! What made it even better was the way my husband kissed me as the ultrasound technician introduced our son to us

7) Feeling him kick for the first time – was that my tummy growling? Oh wait a sec! There it is again! The baby is kicking!!

8) The last few months as non-parent

9) Pregnant body – as big as you may feel, it is important to cherish your pregnant body, you are a miracle!

10) The most special thing…meeting your newborn!