PHOTO CREDITS: Flaura George, doula. Santa Cruz, CA

home birth

home birth

home birth

home birth

Life, love, and light. These three things have been the essence of your care for our family.

The moment we met you, we knew it would be you, the one who would guide us through our journey to become parents.

With our first son, you were an incredible source of knowledge, your guidance through being a first time parent and your humbleness when you didn’t have an answer to my suffering never ceased to amaze me.

My pregnancies were nothing close to easy, not for me, not for my loving husband, and definitely not for you. But you didn’t give up on me.

As time passed, it became clear that you were a part of our family’s spirit, home birthing was a big part of what makes this family what we are.

As we got ready to parent for the second time, you were not only my caregiver, you were my friend, my therapist, I even remember the time you sat next to me to rub my back and cried with me. It was the most confusing time of my life, the darkest too, you showed me compassion and not a single time did you neglect to make me feel that I mattered as well, not only the growing belly.

I still can’t understand how you do it. You have your family life, you are a mom yourself, and you have many other women under your care…still, you managed to constantly check on me, and made me feel like I was the only one.

Thank you Kelly for being who you are, for helping our family through the hard and happy times, and for being part of who we are.

And to your amazing assistant, Flaura George. Thank you so much for your kindness and equal compassion, and for the GORGEOUS pictures of our birth!