Eloping is not for everyone the same way big weddings are not for all. Nowadays, eloping doesn’t mean that you don’t get to plan ahead for all the special details that can make your day memorable and unique. From dream wedding attire to your favorite flowers, some VIP guests, and a first dance  – you can still configure your day to be just what you want and you will have my help to do just that! Still, it is important to put some careful thought into what you want and make sure it is possible not only for you but for your partner and any special guests that you might want with you.



  1. No stress of a big party, have ONLY those who really matter (or not!)
  2. Exchange vows with no audience and surrounded by nature
  3. Avoid the wedding drama 
  4. Save money and spoil yourself without cutting corners 
  5. Combine your wedding with your honeymoon
  6. Leave no trace – eloping is certainly the green choice
  7. The day would be only about you
  8. Be as traditional or non-traditional as you want
  9. You can get married in a location that would normally not allow a big wedding
  10. It will be an adventure!


  1. Limited guests
  2. If you’ve always dreamed of a big wedding
  3. No venue to host a dance party
  4. If your significant other is not on-board
  5. if you want some VIP to be part of it, they might not be able to make it