Dress comfortably! I want you to feel and look like yourself, if something doesn’t feel good, you’ll probably reflect that on the pictures.

While I encourage pregnant women to avoid harsh colors and patterns, some soft floral patterns and one bright color option might be a good idea ONLY if that’s the kind of thing you like. However, I strongly suggest avoiding stripes and plaid fabrics. Knit tops and lacey textures are very welcome! Just make sure that the color choices for you and your partner are complimentary.

If you are going to wear a maternity gown, I suggest that you bring a change of clothes for a more “normal” look of yourself. Wearing a bathing suit underneath can help you change outfits easily.

Long dresses with fabric that flows with the wind can be a great choice. 

Other very flattering clothing items are:

  • Tight-fitting clothes that will show your curvy and beautiful pregnant body.
  • A maxi skirt with a short top always looks amazing and simple.
  • Tight-fitting dress with some flare at the bottom.
  • Unzipped old jeans. Believe it or not, your pre-pregnancy jeans can be a great way to display your belly in a very sexy way (if you are into that sort of thing).
  • Man-sized button up shirts. Bring your partner’s favorite cami or a button up sweater to take some belly revealing photos.
  • Change it up by bringing a cardigan or one change of clothes if they come on easily.

Of course, if you can’t make up your mind from several options, feel free to shoot me a text, call, or email to ask.