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Hiring a newborn photographer is not something to be taken lightly, this person will be holding your newborn baby and spending a few hours with you during some of the most emotional and important days of your life. Finding a good fit for your family shouldn’t be that complicated regardless of your budget.

In this article, I am going to tell you how to find the right photographer for your needs and will help you understand what goes into creating different types of newborn images so you can have realistic expectations for your style and budget. 


I can never emphasize enough how important this is. It doesn’t matter what type of newborn photography style you are after, if a photographer does not have at least a basic understanding of safety practices that will protect you and your newborn, PLEASE DON’T DO IT! Unfortunately, there are no current regulations or requirements to become a newborn photographer, this means that someone with no photography or newborn handling experience could set shop at any moment.

WHY IS THIS SO IMPORTANT?  As a new mom, even I had no idea of how fragile a baby could be, so let’s reflect on it for a moment:

  • Newborns can’t regulate their own body temperature so posing them naked by themselves on whatever space is NOT gonna work. Also, they can be easily overheated and dehydrated if the temperature isn’t being monitored.
  • Infants are at higher risk of SIDS, suffocation, or injury if they are not properly handled or posed.
  • They can’t hold their head or bodies on their own. Posing without proper support can be very dangerous.
  • Their immune systems are brand new.
  • Babies are also are temperamental little humans that, can’t tell us what bothers them.

It does not matter if you hire a beginner newborn photographer or an experienced one, if they are serious about their business, they should be knowledgable of safe newborn handling practices.


Carmel Newborn photography

When looking at your local photographer’s work, you want to make sure that their style speaks to you. It does not matter how many inspiration boards you create on Pinterest, if you try to make a photographer recreate something that is not in aesthetic accordance to their style, you might not be as happy with the end result.


Many photographers that specialize in maternity and newborns have packages or discounts to accommodate both the belly photos and the newborn photos, so hiring the same person to do both is always a good idea.

Being on a small budget doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t hire a higher-end photographer but you must plan ahead of time. If you are pregnant and you know you want to work with an experienced newborn photographer, finding the right fit for your family shouldn’t be a challenge. Most higher end photographers have payment plans that allow you to make modest monthly payments leading up to your due date, so planning in advance is key.

If your budget is firm and you can’t afford to stretch it over the course of your pregnancy, or if you simply didn’t think of hiring a newborn photographer until the baby was born, it’s ok, don’t panic. All you need to do is to have realistic expectations and your newborn family photos will still turn out great. However, you have to understand what the different types of newborn photography are and what it takes to achieve a certain style in order to set your budget:


  • Custom newborn photography

If you like images of peaceful sleeping babies with their hands tucked under their chin, floating in space on their dad’s arms, or laying on their tummies with their naked bumps up in the air, then custom newborn photography is what you are looking for.

Most custom newborn photographers have assistants and a studio ready with everything you or the baby would need, all you’d have to do is get to them, or find one that will travel to you.

This sounds great, but why are some newborn photographers so expensive?  It is paramount to first understand how custom newborn photographers work in order to establish a budget so here is a brief description of what will go down before you get those adorable smooth rosy cheeks on print:

  • Newborn photo shoots aren’t exactly easy or short, these are new humans that need a lot of soothing and LOTS of patience.
  • It can take up to 5 hours (depending on each particular baby) to get a gallery of 20 pictures and that does not even include the editing or product building time.
  • These photographers will have the experience and the proper tools, they’ve received the proper education, are insured(of course! they are handling your newborn!), and if they travel to you they will bring lots of equipment for which you won’t have to lift a finger.
  • Besides the time they spend with you, they work several hours “behind the scenes” making sure they understand what you want, buying props (yup, newborn photography props are not cheap and need to be replaced VERY often, you only need to imagine why…), they will spend hours culling and editing your photos and most likely they’ll offer printed products as part of their packages.
  • They have to constantly maintain or upgrade their equipment or purchase editing softwares, it adds up!
Custom newborn photography photos

Examples of custom newborn photography

  • Lifestyle photography

Lifestyle photography can be an amazing way to document those newborn days without so much of the time requirement and high expense. Please note: I ‘am NOT saying that lifestyle photographers are necessarily cheap, but their cost of doing business will likely be less. Back when I just started as a newborn photographer, I already had years of professional photography experience so my images were pretty good on their own; however, I did not have the experience or confidence in handling newborns so for the most part, I limited myself to these type of sessions and would allow the parents to be more in charge.

Now, let me be clear, hiring a photographer to do a lifestyle newborn session doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality, telling a story through a camera lens isn’t easy, it also requires experience and talent. Lifestyle family photography is simply a different form of photography. During a lifestyle session, the photographer will not intervene as much, he or she will be an observant trying to document what life looks like for you at that special moment of your life. For the most part, lifestyle sessions will take place at your home and will focus on portraying your family interactions with each other and with the newcomer, so the images will be mostly candid and not posed.

A lifestyle photography session is the best option if you like images that will portray your life with the baby and don’t care that much about posed baby photos. This type of photography would be shorter and doesn’t require as much equipment or editing as the custom newborn photography style.

Lifestyle newborn photography examples

Examples of lifestyle newborn photography

  • Photographers looking to build their portfolio.

Of course, every professional photographer has to start somewhere, so hiring a beginner photographer doesn’t mean that you’ll get bad quality photos, it simply means you are giving someone (it might be a friend, or a model call) the opportunity to grow in their new profession. One thing you have to keep in mind is that these are people aiming to become professionals so, for the most part, they will be dedicated, however, they might have some limitations. Since new photographers just began their journey, they might not have safety training, experience handling newborns, or the resources to purchase all those Etsy newborn props, they might not know how to use them yet even if you buy them, they might not have lighting equipment so the quality of the light at the location you choose will be paramount. I am all for giving new photographers a chance, I was one once! But I would steer away from trying to recreate newborn poses from more experienced photographers.

The best way to find a photographer giving away sessions or charging considerably less while they are building their portfolio is to look for model calls, a lot of these photographers might already have the education and skills and all they might need is the experience so give them a chance!


As you can see, a lot can go into each finished newborn digital or print. But not all photographers are equal. Make sure to do your research and prioritize what you want before setting a realistic budget for what you actually want.

Whatever path you decide to take, always make sure to communicate your expectations and any concerns you have regarding newborn safety with your photographer. I have had a couple of clients hiring me after having a failed newborn photography session and most times it turns out it was simply lack of communication both ways. 

Finally, whoever you hire, pay extra careful attention to their “newborn safety” or “sickness” policies for rescheduling. You NEVER want to have someone with sick holding your baby or have to take your baby out for a photo shoot when you’ve had a couple of bad nights. 

I hope this article has been of help to you. If you are interested in my services, please visit my pricing guide for newborn collections.