women’s photography

for the Monterey Bay

high school seniors, beauty, glamour, and headshots


You ARE beautiful, let yourself feel beautiful.


~ Packages ~

All packages include a personal consultation and my absolute dedication to getting your dream pictures.

You may choose either one of my gorgeous outdoor locations or my beautiful studio in downtown Monterey.

Photoshoots for up to 5 people



The work that goes into each image goes far beyond just the picture-taking session, making it hard to charge what would be “reasonable” for the time you actually see me at the photo session. The time that I spend on each client from the beginning to end can vary between 5 hours for mini-sessions, all the way to 20 hours for newborn sessions. Not including the costs associated with materials and other expenses.


Designing your session. From the moment you decide to work with me, I will scope the location(s) if necessary, asses where the sun will be located on a given day and time, come up with a plan in the event of bad weather, purchasing of props and materials if needed, advise you on clothing and styling, sometimes building or crafting something to personalize your session, etc.

Photoshoot with me and my assistant. The day of the photoshoot, we will prepare to meet with you for an hour or two, sometimes we set up ahead of time when carrying a lot of equipment.

Culling your images. After the photoshoot, I will narrow the photos taken into a proof gallery.

In some of these photos, I will use Photoshop to swap faces, smiles, and basically, to create the perfect portrait from a few different shots with everyone’s best expressions, thus giving you a narrow gallery that won’t be overwhelming to choose from, but will also include all the best moments and smiles from the whole session.

For each session, I normally I narrow the final selection down to 20-30 images for you to select from.

Full retouching. Once you select and submit your final selection, I will fully retouch each of your chosen photos, which can take anywhere between 5-40 minutes per image.

Printing your products. After you receive your fully retouched gallery, I will print the products included with your selected collection. The printing labs that I use are professional labs with very high standards and all products are guaranteed.

Assembling of your products. For newborn and complete collections, I custom design a photo album or assemble your box of prints (depending on your choice). This is included as part of your complete and newborn packages, and I personally print, matt, and package the products to be mailed to your home.



For mini sessions, you will be able to select the images you want me to fully edit from a gallery of up to 15 lightly edited images.

For the Essentials collections or packages, you will have the opportunity to select the images you wish to keep from a gallery of 20-25 lightly edited images.

Complete collections or packages will be delivered to you all fully edited.


Yes, I do!

While it is not my main focus, I do occasionally take clients that are very attracted to my style.

My assistant and I will be honored to be there for elopements and intimate wedding ceremonies with very small groups of people.

If you think you want me to be your photographer on your big day, please get in touch with me ASAP and I will put together the perfect package for you.


Don’t worry! you will get the digital file for EVERY print you get, and every digital you get will come with something very pretty. This way your images won’t get lost in a computer or forgotten, you will have a way to display them at your home, and I will take care of the hassle of finding the right labs to print your products.

If you really do not want the prints, you don’t have to have them, but the cost is the same. The load of my work is on the editing process and everything I do “behind the scenes” before and after your photoshoot.

I do offer digital-only packages to businesses (commercial, social media, business profiles) If that’s your case, please get in touch with me to get a quote.

Please, fill out my contact form to ask any questions or to request a booking.