Newborn Photography

for the Monterey Bay


your baby is safe with US

Besides having over 6 years of experience and being insured to work with newborns, I have the equipment and skills to handle newborns into sweet sleepy and curly poses, which if done incorrectly, can result in injury.

~ patience ~

Your baby is a new, unique individual who can’t communicate her needs (yet). I will never force her into a pose and will take the time to make sure you and she are happy, comfortable, and calm.

~ flexibility ~

I allow for flexibility in my schedule in the event of sickness or any unforeseeable circumstances that might arise from being parents of a newborn.

~ Newborn collections ~

Currently ONLY available to previous clients or maternity clients.



The work that goes into each image goes far beyond just the picture-taking session, making it hard to charge what would be “reasonable” for the time you actually see me at the photo session. The time that I spend on each client from the beginning to end can vary between 5 hours for family mini-sessions, all the way to 20 hours for full newborn sessions.


Designing your session. From the moment you decide to work with me, I will scope the location(s) if necessary, asses where the sun will be located on a given day and time, come up with a plan in the event of bad weather, purchasing of props and materials if needed, advise you on clothing and styling, sometimes building or crafting something to personalize your session, etc.

Photoshoot with me and my assistant. On the day of the photoshoot, we will prepare to meet with you for the duration of the photoshoot. Depending on the type of session you want, sometimes we arrive well ahead of time to prepare.

Culling your images. After the photoshoot, I will narrow the photos taken into a proof gallery.

In some of these photos, I will use Photoshop to swap faces, smiles, and expressions to create the perfect portrait from a few different shots with everyone looking their best, thus giving you a narrow gallery that won’t be overwhelming to choose from, but will also include all the best moments and smiles from the whole session.

Depending on the kind of package or session you got, I would normally narrow the final selection down to 20-50 images for you to select from.

Full retouching. It does not apply to lifestyle family sessions. Once you select and submit your final selection, I will fully retouch each of your chosen photos, which can take anywhere between 5-40 minutes per image.

Printing your products. After you receive your fully retouched gallery, I will print the products included with your selected collection. The printing labs that I use are professional labs with very high standards and all products are guaranteed.

Assembling of your products. For newborn and complete collections, I custom design a photo album or assemble your box of prints (depending on your choice). This is included as part of your complete and newborn packages, and I personally print, matt, and package the products to be mailed to your home.


The main differences lay on the time allocated for the photoshoot to be completed and the number of poses that can be achieved.

Mini sessions can last up to 90 minutes and I will gently pose your baby into a newborn nest AND/OR with you and your partner. She will remain diapered for the duration of the session and I will not attempt to pose her on her belly or sideways.

The shots that can be achieved during a mini newborn session are baby in nest, closeups, and with parents.

Full sessions allow enough time to achieve a variety of poses including family members (parents and siblings) lifestyle shots, the use of props, etc.

Please keep in mind that newborns are very temperamental, we can bribe them with treats and they can’t communicate their needs, so we need to allow enough time for soothing and feeding in between shots to achieve a gallery of more images.

  1. Get in touch with me
  2. If you decide to book, I will keep my schedule with at least 2 spaces free a week before and every week after your due date until the baby is born.
  3. Once your baby is earthside, let me know so I can provide you with my immediate availability.
  4. Come meet me at my studio, I will have everything needed from props to drinks, and snacks.
  5. You will receive your images between 1-2 weeks after the session.

For the most part yes! With the exception of family lifestyle sessions, you will be able to select which images I get to fully retouch for you to keep.

Maternity Minis– you will be able to select the images you want me to fully edit from a proof gallery of up to 15 lightly edited and watermarked images.

Essentials collections – you will have the opportunity to select the images you wish to keep from a gallery of 20-25 lightly edited and watermarked images.

Family lifestyle sessions will be edited but will not be fully retouched. When I send your gallery with the 35 photos, these will be your final, downloadable images.

Complete collections will be delivered to you all lightly edited and those images are yours to download and keep. You will also receive instructions on how to select the images that you want me to fully retouch as part of your selected package.


Due to popular demand, I’ve created a family lifestyle photography collection and a personal branding collection that deliver only digitals.

For the rest of my packages, you will get the digital file for EVERY print you get, and every digital you get will come with something very pretty. This way your images won’t get lost in a computer or forgotten, you will have a way to display them at your home, and I will take care of the hassle of finding the right labs to print your products.

When your package includes full retouching and if you really do not want the prints, you don’t have to have them, but the cost is the same. The load of my work is on the editing process and everything I do “behind the scenes” before and after your photoshoot.


She will ALWAYS be your baby, but will never look the same.

After the first two weeks of life, babies begin to experience a big growth spurt. As the days go by, their faces begin to fill up and their newborn expression little by little disappears, they begin to be more aware and fussy, and their joints begin to harden making them less flexible.

We can’t keep them little, but we can help you freeze this moment in time so they can see their own journey as they grow.

To ensure that you get the images you’ve dreamed of, our process is broken into 5 parts:

  1. Consultation to customize your images. You are unique, this consultation is necessary for me to get to know you and your needs. We will talk about your expectations, clothing and style, newborn safety, etc.
  2. In-studio photo-shoot. Babies are very sensitive and need a lot of patience. The session will last between 3-4 hours.
  3. After you go home, I will create a proof gallery for you to select the images that you want me to fully retouch.
  4. Once I receive your selection, I will proceed to fully edit your images to perfection.
  5. After you receive your online final gallery, I will assemble your included products or prints.

A lot goes into creating the kind of newborn images that you see on my website. Most of the effort goes into making sure your baby is happy and safe. Currently, there is no formal education or license required to handle newborns for photography purposes, while this is baffling, it is true.


Newborns are developing little individuals that can’t hold themselves up and whose muscles and ligaments aren’t fully formed. Because of this, it is extremely dangerous for an untrained person to handle your newborn, putting aside the fact that without the right conditions or equipment, your favorite newborn images would be near impossible to achieve.

For the reasons stated above, safety is paramount to my business. No matter what you’ve seen on Pinterest or Instagram, your baby is a unique individual and I will treat him/her with kindness and respect.  I won’t force your little one into any poses just to meet photo expectations. However, I will do everything I can to learn about your newborn photo dreams so I can whisper all my wisdom into his/her ears and make them happen.  Either way, I promise you that the photos you’ll get will be all that you would ever want and need.


If you have any specific requests regarding poses, make sure to discuss them with me ahead of time.  We need to be on the same page as far as newborn safety.

Please communicate with me

It is very important that you let me know of any questions or comments that you have before or during the session.  I might be the expert but you are the parent, if something makes you uncomfortable please say so, I won’t be offended! This way I can ease away any concerns, explain what’s happening, and make sure everyone is happy with the flow of the session.

Keeping it germ-free

For every session, my assistant and I make sure to wash our hands and disinfect our clothing with natural non-toxic antibacterial spray.

I thoroughly clean my camera equipment before our appointment.

All blankets, fabrics, and hats are washed after every photo shoot with plant-based baby friendly detergent and stored away.

If I suspect that there is a bug going around my home, I will not hesitate to reschedule. It is never worth the risk!

I also ask that if there is a sickness going on in your family to please notify me, due to the nature of my work it is important to keep ourselves as healthy as possible.

Every baby is different

Remember, every newborn is a unique individual, therefore I can’t predict what will happen in every session. If the baby is uncomfortable or gets overwhelmed by a certain pose or situation, I will move on to the next shot and revisit if time allows.

Whether you decide to work with me or not, I encourage you to please put your baby’s safety above anything else! For that reason, I’ve put together a few tips to help you find the right photographer for your style and budget, you can find it through this link. 


My customized newborn sessions are designed to capture the most adorable tiny features of your baby with a variety of props and/or blankets.

In order to perfectly match your unique family needs, we will have a consultation to determine a shot-list and selection of props to be used.

I will welcome you in my home studio in Carmel-by-the-sea or I can bring everything to you for an additional fee upon request.

During this session,  I will gently handle your baby into sweet poses.


The total cost depends on the number of images you want to purchase.


  • 3-4 hour photo shoot at my home studio in Carmel, CA.


• After the photo shoot, I will put together a proof gallery with up to 25 lightly edited images for you to select your favorites.

• Once you make your selection, I will fully retouch them to perfection.

• After you receceive your final edited gallery, I will touch base regarding the prints included with your package.

Whether you decide to work with me or not, I encourage you to put your baby’s safety above anything else!  For that reason, I’ve put together a few tips to help you find the right photographer for your style and budget (even if it is not me!), you can find it through this link. 




I am so grateful to anyone that serves our community. For that reason, I offer 10% off Premium & All-inclusive family/maternity portrait collections and any Newborn Collections to:

  • Military families
  • Police officers
  • Nurses
  • Teachers
  • Firefighters

* Proper ID should be provided.

Discount does not apply to minis.

If you are a local hero and you need a headshot, please get in touch with me to discuss your options.


The belly to baby bundle offers you a 15% discount on your newborn session when booking a maternity and a newborn session with me.


While I use my expertise to take the best images possible straight out of my camera, editing is still one of the most defining parts of my style as a photographer.

Fully retouched images are the finished products that represent the full quality of my work and cover the following:

  • Skin imperfections (acne, some wrinkles, uneven skin tones, discolorations, jaundice, rashes, etc.)
  • People and cars in the background (your photos will look as if you were completely alone at the beach with your family)
  • Removal of distracting objects or marks on a background, backdrop, wall,  lighting equipment
  • Back, arm, and side fat rolls
  • Double chins
  • Flyaway hairs
  • Enhanced sky and sunset colors
  • Teeth whitening
  • Extend and smooth backgrounds for newborn or studio-style sessions
  • Feature enhancements (brightening and sharpening of faces and eyes)
  • Color and ambiance editing to suit my style

Taking pictures of a newborn is a slow and patience-testing process, please make sure to carefully read and follow the recommendations described in this article: Newborn session: what to expect and how to prepare?


About a week after your photoshoot, an online proof gallery will be shared with you via email. The images in this gallery will all be watermarked with a “not for public use” legend on it.  From this gallery, you’ll be able to select the photos you want to keep as part of your package.

Once you submit your selection as per the instructions, it takes one to two weeks (depending on how busy I am) for you to receive your finished photos.

Make sure to book your session at least one month in advance if you need any printed materials by a certain date (especially during holiday season).


I am proud of my work and I like to occasionally post photos from my clients on my Facebook page or website portfolio. As per my photographer contract, I may use your images to promote my business. Breastfeeding and naked photos will never be used. Besides that, I do not share or sell your photos to anyone.


Payment plans are available for newborn sessions booked with at least 3 months before the due date.

The total cost of the newborn session can be divided into 3 or more monthly payments before the baby is born.

Please contact me in order to inquire about a payment plan for you.

Please, fill out my contact form to ask any questions or to request a booking. 

From belly to toddler

Pregnant couple at Carmel Riverstate Beach

Family at the beach in Santa Cruz

I am so lucky to be able to capture images of little babies turning into kids, and to share such important milestones with the families I’ve been with from the very beginning. Witnessing young adorable couples turn into mature and confident parents feeds my soul. Thank you to all those families that have allowed me to share even a tiny bit of their joy with them!


Just when you know what love is, someone little comes to show you what love REALLY is.  It is my job to freeze those magic moments into art. This is not always easy and a lot goes into a session; below you will find some highlights of what to expect and how to prepare for these few hours of magic.

What to expect

Newborn props and different blanket/basket/fur options take part in this type of session. If time allows, family members are welcome and encouraged to partake, OR we can limit the number of setups if family photos are your priority.

1) The photo poses will be up to the baby’s particular mood and my workflow. Even though I am happy to accommodate and try my best for your particular requests and preferences, it is ALWAYS more important to make sure the baby is comfortable and safe.

2) We need to crank up the heat! Babies do great when it is nice and cozy, it makes them more sleepy.

3) We will have breaks to feed and soothe your babe.

How to prepare

  1. Don’t let baby nap for 3-4 hours before I get there. I know it can be hard, but trust me, it’ll be worth it! Talking, showing her toys, changing diapers, even a bath (as long as the belly button has fallen) can be helpful activities to keep the baby up.
  2. Make sure your home is at least 75 degrees warm for the scheduled time.
  3. You can feed the baby once I get to your home, while I set up. When done, put a loose diaper on her and swaddle or wrap her in a cozy blanket. If she falls asleep easy, great! otherwise, I will take care of the rest even if she isn’t asleep as we need to make the most of our time together.
  4. Don’t worry about feeding me or my assistant. I know, this is a weird one, but I often find that families worry about our lunchtime. We purposely eat a big breakfast before every newborn shoot and have a snack with us in case we need it. Please eat when you need, we can take care of baby.


  1.  If you want to pick an outfit for you and baby, or you want her to wear the blanket that grandma knitted, put them aside the night before.
  2. Don’t make a big fuss or change your routine drastically, little babies can be very temperamental to small changes.
  3. Keep a pacifier handy ONLY if you are planning on using one.

Keep in mind that every baby is very different, so the rhythm of the session will be determined by your unique new little person.

Safety is my number one priority when it comes to newborn photography.

Read this for a few safety guidelines.

*Props. I always bring a different array of textured blankets, furs, hats, headbands, signs, baskets, etc. If there is something specific you have in mind, just let me know and I may just have it!