Guided Virtual Video Newborn Photoshoots

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I’m here for you

I’m here to help you document one of the most important moments of your life while you remain in the safety of your home.

How virtual sessions work during the pandemic?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I will ONLY be conducting virtual newborn sessions through a video conferencing app until further notice.

I will expertly guide you through posing your newborn and taking the photos you’ll love … then you’ll send them to me for professional retouching.

Having over 8 years of experience working with newborns, I can effectively help you create the perfect environment and light conditions to take near-studio quality images. But don’t worry, I won’t make you edit the photos. That’s all up to me.

~ Virtual newborn sessions ~

I’ll help you take the photos (I’ll be with you the whole time through a video chat) and then you can hand them over to me for all the editing and finishing touches.



A virtual newborn session cannot be compared to professional studio newborn sessions. In-person newborn sessions require a trained professional (like myself) to be in close contact with your baby anywhere between 3-5 hours and several poses that you see in my portfolio can only be achieved with the proper training and equipment.

However, I promise you that you will love your photos and they will look almost as professional as an in-person photoshoot. The quality of the images will not be as good as with my professional cameras (unless you have a pro camera yourself), but you’ll have my expertise to make sure everything else is as perfect as we can manage from a distance.

Nowadays, most new smartphone devices have wonderful portrait modes and higher resolution cameras than some common point and shoot cameras.

Specific examples of the images we can achieve with these kinds of sessions can be seen here:


With the help of video conferencing apps, I will remotely shoot the images for you.

I will walk you every step of the way to prepare and plan for your session, from deciding in which room should you set up, to instructing you on how to pose your baby and yourself.

No need to buy anything (unless you want a cute outfit), you will do this from home, and you don’t need to be photography savvy, all you need to do is get picture ready and follow my easy prep guide.

To ensure that you get the images you’ve dreamed of, the process is broken into 5 parts:

  1. A 25 min FaceTime or phone consultation to get to know your expectations and to find the best-lighted corners of your home.
  2. Follow my quick 10 min prep guide.
  3. 45-60 Virtual photo-shoot through Zoom or FaceTime.
  4. After the session, I will fully retouch your images.
  5. You will receive your photos through an online gallery that will allow you to order printed products or download.

PLEASE NOTE: I have over 8 years of experience working with newborns, please do NOT attempt to pose your baby to recreate photos you find online without the advice of a trained professional. The poses that I will teach you will be easy and safe for your baby.

Keep in mind that in-person newborn photos require a lot of time, patience, close contact, and expertise so achieving more complicated poses such as “froggy pose” or “hands-on chin” will not be possible.


Editing represents the most important part of my work as a photographer. After your photoshoot, I will carefully select the best images to professionally edit them to be consistent with the quality of my work as shown in my portfolio.

Full editing covers the following:

  • Skin imperfections
  • Color correction
  • Removal of distracting objects in the background
  • Double Chins
  • Teeth whitening
  • Lightening up of subjects
  • Highlights manipulation

NOTE: My regular editing process does NOT include full retouching such as slimming, composites, tattoo removal, photoshopping of sunsets in the background (when the weather does not cooperate), removal of logos, head swapping, full wrinkle elimination, etc.

Full retouching is available for an additional fee of $35 per image.

You can view a better description of what my full retouching services can cover here.

For any more specific requests, please get in touch with me.


  1. Get in touch with me
  2. If you decide to book, I will keep my schedule with at least 2 spaces free a week before and every week after your due date until the baby is born.
  3. Once your baby is earthside, let me know so I can provide you with my immediate availability.
  4. You will receive your images between 4-10 days after the session.



I am so grateful to anyone that serves our community. For that reason, I offer 10% off all sessions to:

  • Military families
  • Police officers
  • Nurses
  • Firefighters
  • UPS personnel

* Proper ID should be provided.

If you are a local hero and you need a headshot, please get in touch with me to discuss your options.


Fully retouched images are a step above edited images and are normally requested at my client’s discretion. The work put into each fully retouched photo can vary anywhere between 30-60 min. Some examples of full retouching services are:

  • Tattoo Removal.
  • Back, arm, and side fat rolls.
  • Overall slimming.
  • Hair covering a large part of the face.
  • Photoshopped skies.
  • Composites and head swapping (merge two different images into one).
  • Removal of logos or distracting elements in clothing.
  • Removal of major objects or crowds in the background.
  • Specific requests made by the client that are not including in my regular editing process.


About a week after your photoshoot, an online proof gallery will be shared with you via email. The images in this gallery will all be watermarked with a “not for public use” legend on it.  From this gallery, you’ll be able to select the photos you want to keep as part of your package.

Once you submit your selection as per the instructions, it takes one to two weeks (depending on how busy I am) for you to receive your finished photos.

Make sure to book your session at least one month in advance if you need any printed materials by a certain date (especially during holiday season).


I am proud of my work and I like to occasionally post photos from my clients on my Facebook page or website portfolio. As per my photographer contract, I may use your images to promote my business. Breastfeeding and naked photos will never be used. Besides that, I do not share or sell your photos to anyone.

Please, fill out my contact form to ask any questions or to request a booking. 

How old does my newborn have to be for the photoshoot?

Newborn girl

It is very important that your baby is 2 weeks or ideally younger for his/her newborn photo. When they are this little, they are a lot more mellow, sleep more, and have flawless skin.

After two weeks, babies undergo a big growth spurt, making them fuzzy, harder to sooth, and the chances of baby acne are higher.