Pregnant on the Santa Cruz hills

Pregnant woman with the view of the Monterey Bay.

While most people prefer to have their portrait taken on the beautiful Santa Cruz and bay area beaches, this beautiful mom requested the redwoods. Luckily, I have access to a spot that has the best of both worlds. This very unique location is up the Santa Cruz hills with the redwoods and the view of the Bay on the background.

Yoga session for a very pregnant belly

Pregnant photo of a single mom

portrait of a pregnant woman doing yoga

It is always so rewarding to me to see new-moms-to-be taking care of themselves in holistic ways. I guess Santa Cruz sets the scene for this.

This mama at 38 weeks of pregnancy asked me to take her photos while doing yoga, a great idea for moms that want their photo taken by themselves and a perfect way to energetically connect with the baby, it really was a beautiful session.