1 year old boy and his brother

A year ago, right around this time, your older brother, daddy, and me were finally all together in our home, for the first time as a family.

I was grateful not just to have finally met you, but also for having survived the ordeal and remain by your side.  So far, you’ve given me the most extreme experience of my life, the most amazing, yet the hardest one to reach.

Today I can tell you dear, I would do it ALL over again.  You are worth every tear, pain, or discomfort, just to get to see you for the first time.

You started walking just a week before your birthday, September 15th, 3 little steps. You are more than 3 times as heavy as you were when you were born, you won’t stop babbling, laughing, or screaming at everything.

You love all of us like a crazy person, your cuddles are often painful.

Everyone agrees you are beautiful, gorgeous little guy but still dangerous like a Koala Bear.

You make us laugh like no one has, your older brother constantly says how funny you are.

Every day you start looking more like a real kid, and now that you are trying so hard to take more than 4 steps at a time, I know soon you’ll be chasing after us all.

NO matter how big you get dear, you will always be my baby, the last little person I’ll ever get to mother.

We all love you more than we will ever be able to tell you.

Happy birthday my amazing one year old!