Just when you know what love is, someone little comes to show you what love REALLY is.  It is my job to freeze those magic moments into art. This is not always easy and a lot goes into a session; below you will find some highlights of what to expect and how to prepare for these few hours of magic.

What to expect

Newborn props and different blanket/basket/fur options take part in this type of session. If time allows, family members are welcome and encouraged to partake, OR we can limit the number of setups if family photos are your priority.

  1. The photo poses will be up to the baby’s particular mood and my workflow. Even though I am happy to accommodate and try my best for your particular requests and preferences, it is ALWAYS more important to make sure the baby is comfortable and safe.
  2. Prepare to be warm. Babies do great when it is nice and cozy, it makes them more sleepy. The temperature in the studio will be 75° for the most part of the session.
  3. We will have breaks to feed and soothe your babe.

How to prepare

1. Please avoid the use of perfume or any heavy scents, newborns can be particularly sensitive to strong smells that are not familiar to them.

2. Try to not let baby nap for a couple of hours before you plan to leave. I know it can be hard with a newborn, but trust me, it’ll be worth it! Talking, showing him toys, changing diapers, even a bath (as long as the belly button has fallen) can be helpful activities to keep the baby up.

3. If it is time, feed him before you get in the car, or if he isn’t ready to nap or eat, you can feed her at my studio before we begin.

4. I will have snacks and drinks for you, but there are great take-out options near us, your partner or my assistant can run out.

5. Bring a pacifier ONLY if you are planning on using one.

Keep in mind that every baby is very different, so the rhythm of the session will be determined by your unique new little person.

Safety is my number one priority when it comes to newborn photography.

Read this for a few safety guidelines.

*Props. I always bring a different array of textured blankets, furs, hats, headbands, signs, baskets, etc. If there is something specific you have in mind, just let me know and I may just have it!