Not only do I have a very thorough location guide, but I am also often out exploring new unique spots. So yes, I can certainly help you find the perfect location for your elopement or intimate wedding as long as the total headcount (including the couple and officiant) does not exceed twelve.


While I’m confident that this crisis will eventually pass, it might be a while before we can resume business as usual. For that reason, I am committed to following the recommendations from our health authorities to continue to offer you the best services possible while remaining safe.

All my equipment is thoroughly cleaned in between sessions. I and any assistants that might accompany me will wear face coverings and will regularly sanitize our hands. I limit myself to a maximum of three clients per week and I am not currently taking bookings for groups larger than 15 people.

During the session I will:

  • Maintain 6ft + distance from all clients most of the time unless I need to adjust something in your frame, in which case, I would sanitize my hand beforehand.
  • I will use mostly verbal prompts for posing vs. close contact posing.
  • All clients are required to have face coverings available in the event that they are needed.
  • if you are not attaining to any social distancing guidelines, I cannot be your photographer.


YES! And while I do not impose it, I will strongly encourage it. The lab I use is of the highest quality standards and at the same time, I constantly check and calibrate my monitor settings to ensure that the printing outcome is as accurate as possible, therefore if any of your prints don’t turn out perfectly, I can reprint them for you. If you decide to print elsewhere, that is totally ok, but keep in mind I would not be able to fix the outcome if that’s the case.


YES! Most locations require some sort of permit, you’d be surprised! I would never shoot at a location where I am not aware of their permitting as there would be a small chance that we’d be asked to leave without completing the ongoing session and for that reason, you can be certain that would NEVER be the case with me.